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RCM Students' Union

Laura Williamson, RCM Students' Union President 2021-22
Studying at the RCM and living in a city as culturally rich as London offers an incredible opportunity for any aspiring musician. The RCM Students’ Union is here to help you make the most of it.

The Students’ Union (SU) is a lively body which includes every student enrolled at the RCM. We hope to provide a supportive role and the main areas of work for the union are: student socials, health and wellbeing, student feedback, pastoral care and supporting student-led music. We also represent the student voice on various College committees, dealing with everything from day-to-day matters to the very highest level of decision making. Our student-run societies, as well as being great fun, are in keeping with our main initiatives.

The SU hosts a range of social events through the year, from Freshers' Week to the Summer Ball. Most of these events are held in our bar in the RCM. We believe in having sufficient time to socialise and have fun with fellow students, which helps us all work hard and get the most out of our practice time.

We believe that looking after students’ wellbeing is of vital importance, providing a range of support activities and advice to manage this. We are also keen to promote spiritual wellbeing and have strong links with Imperial College chaplaincy, which students are encouraged to use.

The SU office is always open for general enquiries or just for a chat. If you have a more sensitive issue you would like to discuss with one of our officers, rather than a member of RCM staff, you can make an appointment or drop in to the office.

If you have any feedback on any aspect of College life, the SU is the place to come. We welcome feedback from the students in order to continue to improve the services the SU and RCM are providing.

As well as social and wellbeing events, the SU runs a number of musical activities for students, such as the SU Big Band and SU Choir. The SU encourages students to initiate their own music-making activities and to take part in activities set up by their colleagues. We are on hand to offer concert and administrative support for any such projects.

The SU is keen to ensure that all its students have a well-rounded experience. Our link with Imperial College Union means that all RCM students are invited to join any of their 300 clubs and societies.

Whether you’re an undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral student, the RCM Students' Union is here to support you and help you get the most out of your time and your studies; we are here for you and exist to better each and every one of your College experiences.

Laura Williamson
Students’ Union President 2021-22

Laura Williamson

RCMSU President